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NaturEdGrid = Nature + Education + Grid

In 2019, NaturEdGrid partnered with Stanford University Mechanical Engineering Capstone Course ME170, integrating clean-tech application for real-world issues. NaturEdGrid supported Stanford student in developing renewable technological solutions through:

  • Mechanical Solution: Microgrid System Design

  • Selecting Hanglai Village in Hunan, an underdeveloped region as the target

  • Desktop research and interview on local conditions

  • Conducting field research in Hunan

  • Consolidating final research findings and potential design to implement microgrid system in the village

In 2020, NaturEdGrid joined force with EIN to establish online coursework for students and professionals who are interested in the field of sustainability, including clean-tech, corporate sustainability, renewable energy, sustainable finance, etc.


Coursework series (under development):

  • Energy Policy and Low-Carbon Innovation

  • Climate Change and Industrial Transition

  • Renewable Energy and Energy Storage

  • Sustainable and Impact Finance

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