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Energy Innovation Network is currently accepting self-nomination for the 2022-2023 Volunteer Committee. We welcome any new voices to be added to our executive team and new members will serve for one year term after election. If interested, please send a copy of resume and cover letter with a subject of 2022-2023 Executive Member Application + Position Name to by Jan 25th, 2022

Volunteer Team Chair

Volunteer Team Chair steers the volunteer team to plan, conduct and execute events and programs related to Energy Innovation Network’s goal and direction under the supervision of president and vice president. Volunteer Team Chair is the key point of contact to conduct advisory board members and communicate with board members. Volunteer Team Chair has the responsibility to oversee operation of the volunteer team, operation team, and the event committee. 


  • Plan and executive goals and operations of the volunteer team

  • Manage day to day operation of the volunteer team to ensure quality delivery of the programs and report to president

  • Call for weekly meetings. Collect meeting minutes and ensure the team executes the next steps properly and effectively

  • Prepare and call for quarterly advisory council meetings.  Execute next steps based on feedbacks 

Operation Manager

The Conference Chair is responsible for leading the planning and organization of the annual high-level summits and conferences that EIN hosts.

Conference Chair
Event Lead

Event lead executes the event committee and independent contributors to plan and organize the event as well as provides guidance to event hosts. 


  • Event Lead will be responsible for all events’ planning and execution. 

  • Review and evaluate event proposals either from the internal event committee or EIN open platform.

  • Work with event committee members and independent contributor to plan and execute events 

  • Work with marketing team to advocate events 

  • Plan and execute any internal and external written materials 

  • Secure any partners for the events 

  • Manage and execute event budget and sponsorships  

  • Set up specific event working team for special events (such as Enspire conference) 

  • The events shall follow the scope of talks or social events to facilitate community building and potential collaboration opportunities

Marketing Lead


  • Marketing Lead shall collaborate with social media and web master to deliver effective marketing for all events and programs 

  • Marketing Lead shall collaborate with content and branding lead to establish effective content and communication methods for marketing 

  • The marketing lead shall establish general marketing guidelines for each event and programs

Content and Branding Lead


  • Establish overall content and brand direction for Energy Innovation Network 

  • Collaborate with other key team executive members to deliver content and strategy that can effectively attract suitable audiences to gear toward Energy Innovation Network’s goal

Conference Chair

Conference Chair is responsible for EIN’s annual summit and key events and takes the lead in planning and executing the conference/annual summit.


  • Initiate topics of the annual summit or conference

  • Plan and execute the conferences

  • Delegate tasks to conference committee members

  • Work with other team members to execute the conference(s)/summit

  • Oversee the execution of the various tasks including sponsorship, speakers’ invitation, marketing, ticket sales, etc.

Regional Local Lead

EIN is a global platform and home to professions from energy, environment and sustainability. We’re expanding our network on all continents. 


  • Work with a volunteer chair to maintain and build external partnerships with local organizations

  • Work with event lead to plan and executive local event (online and in-person)

  • Professionals from China, U.K, U.S. Europe, Asia and Oceania are preferred, all other countries are also strongly welcomed

Event Committee Member


  • Event committee members work on specific events with the event lead with a well-written proposal

  • Assist event lead to review and evaluate event proposals from external and internal sources

  • Collaborate with other team members for successful execution based on goals of the events

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