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Beyond “Business-as-Usual”: From   Green Swan to Green Opportunities

“Can you create business, social and economic opportunities

while mitigating environmental impacts?”

September 18, 2020

With the climate-induced disasters and global advocacy movements bringing climate to the forefront of public discourse, citizens, investors, entrepreneurs, and policymakers are starting to think beyond “business-as-usual” and explore cross-cutting opportunities for transformation. 

The Enspire Summit, an all-day event showcasing TED-talk style presentations by thought leaders from all areas of sustainability, aims to inspire the interdisciplinary collaboration and critical conversations needed for a sustainable and just future .

Speaker Application
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Raghu Belur

Co-founder, Chief Product Officer at Enphase Energy


Raghu co-founded Enphase Energy with Martin Fornage in 2006. He has more than 25 years of experience in the clean energy and high technology industries, and has been at the forefront of developing Enphase’s leading integrated energy system—with solar generation, storage, monitoring, and control.  Prior to Enphase, Raghu developed high-speed optical communication technology for Cerent, which was later acquired by Cisco Systems. Before Cerent, Raghu was an engineer at the Indian Institute of Science, where he played a key role in the development of an alternative energy gasification system. Raghu has an MSEE from Texas A&M University and an MBA from the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley.

Giles Hutchins

Chair at Future Fit Leadership Academy, Founder of Leadership Immersions

Co-Founder of Regenerators

Giles Hutchins is a pioneering practitioner and senior adviser at the forefront of the revolution in organizational and leadership consciousness and developmental approaches that enhance personal, organizational and systemic agility and vitality. He is author and co-author of several leadership and organizational development papers, and the books The Nature of Business (2012), The Illusion of Separation (2014), Future Fit (2016) and Regenerative Leadership (2019). Chair of The Future Fit Leadership Academy and Founder of Leadership Immersions, co-founder of Biomimicry for Creative Innovation and Regenerators, he runs a 60-acre leadership center at Springwood Farm, an area of outstanding natural beauty near London, UK.  Previously held corporate roles - Head of Practice for KPMG, and Global Head of Sustainability for Atos (150,000 employees, over 40 countries). He provides coaching at individual and organizational levels for those seeking to transform their personal and/or work lives. He is also a keynote speaker on the future of business.

GilesHutchins1 office.JPG

Renée Lertzman

Climate, Energy and Environmental Psychologist 

Engagement Strategist

Renée Lertzman is a researcher, educator and eco-engagement strategist who uses psychological insights to change our approach to the environmental crisis. Applying her training as a psychosocial researcher specializing in deep human insights, she uses frameworks and methods that empower people to take action and create impact on climate and sustainability issues. She works with companies and organizations looking to strengthen climate and sustainability initiatives, develop more effective campaigns, and harness the creativity and innovation needed to solve big problems.


Maria Wilvenna Añora

Co-founder at social ventures AtoANI


She co-founded the social ventures AtoANI that provides solutions to enable sustainable agriculture and AtoANI BioPack that works on creating biodegradable packaging using agro-industrial by-products. With a Chemical Engineering and MBA Degree, she has corporate experience working for multinational companies in the areas of Strategy, Digitalization, Innovation, Finance, Logistics, Quality Assurance, Program and Project Management. She also has a freelance experience in consulting, creating business plans and digital transformation strategies in the areas of e-commerce, tourism and mobile applications. 

Presentation Topic: How Social Innovation Can Help Save Mother Earth

_IMG_4087-01 - Macdonald Chirara.jpeg

MacDonald Chirara

Founder/ Chief Operations Officer at Everlasting Technology


Macdonald Chirara is the founder of Everlasting Technology a social enterprise in Zimbabwe that aims to create green communities through innovative renewable energy solutions. He is involved in science and technology, and initiatives aimed at protecting the environment.

Presentation Topic: The future of renewable energy expansion in rural sub-Saharan Africa

Copy of Maulline photo 2 - Maulline Grag

Maulline Gragau

Consultant/Legislation Content Editor​


Maulline Gragau is a researcher, policy / legislative drafter, scientist, and lawyer. She is not only used to wearing many hats, but sincerely enjoys it! Maulline is a versatile professional with 6+ years of experience in the areas of law, criminology and forensic science. She is passionate about law, renewable energy technologies, sustainable development and environmental conservation which have allowed her to serve in the jury to the 2020 UNEP – Young Champions of the Earth Competition; and chairperson for a sub-team on renewable energy technologies at the 2018 Marketplace of Ideas European Commission Evidence informed policy making seminar in South Africa.

Presentation Topic: Renewable Energy Policy Programmes

Headshot - Jonathan Hua.png

Jonathan Hua

Investor at Scrum Ventures

The United States

Jonathan Hua is an investor at Scrum Ventures and a sought-after startup mentor dedicated to helping impact-driven consumer and industrial food entrepreneurs scale and grows their business. He previously led the award-winning THRIVE AgTech Accelerator and during his career, Jonathan has been invited as a speaker to global events such as the Forbes Under 30 Summit, SXSW, Forbes AgTech Summit and the PMA Fresh Summit, and was also recognized by AgGrad as a “30 Under 30” in entrepreneurship. Jonathan has a BA in History from Rice University and an MBA from the Johnson School at Cornell University.

Presentation Topic: Investing in the Agricultural Revolution to Build a Sustainable Global Food System

Copy of PriyaDonti - Priya Donti.jpg

Priya Donti

PhD Student at Carnegie Mellon University

The United States

Priya Donti is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science & Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University, where her work focuses on topics at the inersection of machine learning and electric power systems. She is also co-founder and chair of Climate Change AI, an initiative to facilitate impactful work at the intersection of climate change and machine learning.

Presentation Topic: Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning

Nanda Noor - Self Pic - WRI

Nanda Noor

Sustainable Land Use & Emissions Project Lead​ at World Resources Institute


As the Sustainable Land Use & Emissions Project Lead for World Resources Institute (WRI) Indonesia, Nanda manages practical initiatives and policy research on calculating, reducing, and sequestering individual emissions. In this speech, Nanda will share about why and how personalizing climate crisis, such as its relationship with the current health crisis, could help energize “environmental leadership values” from each of us, and showcase it through simple-yet-effective actions such as planting trees.

Presentation Topic: Love in the Time of Corona: Building Our Nature Better through Actions

Copy of FB_IMG_1539510747251 (1) - Deeks

Deeksha Sharma

​Law Student at National Law University


Deeksha Sharma is a penultimate year law student at National Law University, Lucknow, India. She is working with the SDG Society (IIT Madras and the US Department of State) as a member of the COVID-19 India study. She has been selected to represent India at the Hansen Fellowship 2021 at the University Of San Diego, United States.  She is passionate about writing and has her articles in blogs by Georgetown, Pittsburgh, USA, Dublin Law Review, and a book on Health Laws published by Thomson Reuters, to name a few.

Presentation Topic: Water scarcity and policy in India

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2020-07-17 16.07.43 - Софья Зима.jpg

Sophia Zima

Correspondent &journalist at Russian magazine ""


Sophia Zima is a journalist from St. Petersburg, engaged in education activities on the topic of ecology and conscious consumption. She is a correspondent for the magazine and promote environmental issues in the publication, in parallel cooperation with other media. Sophia has been conducting general education lectures on ecology and conscious consumption for the population and its business sector as well as collaboration with projects that promote environmental topics. 

Presentation Topic: How can environmental journalism save the world?

01_Hannah_EF - Copy (2) - Hannah Sieber.

Hannah Sieber

COO and Co-Founder at Ecoflow Tech

MBA/MS Candidate at Stanford University

The United States

Hannah Sieber was previously COO and Co-Founder of Ecoflow Tech, a pioneering energy company. She is a graduate of Duke University and currently an MBA/MS candidate at Stanford University. For her work in energy, she has been awarded to Forbes 30 under 30.

Image by Chris Liverani

Plug and Play Tech Center is early-stage investor, accelerator and corporate innovation platform with global headquarters in Sunnyvale, California in the Silicon Valley. Plug and Play runs two programs per year in each industry and location and has 300 corporate partners and 200 venture capitalists in its ecosystem. It was recently named the 'Most active Silicon Valley venture capital firm' by Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Special thanks for Plug and Play for hosting this event!


Platinum Sponsor

(up to 2): $20,000 towards the venue, startup booth, facilities, event materials, marketing, etc.


Gold Sponsor

$15,000 towards the facility, event materials, and catering.


Silver Sponsor

$10,000 towards the facility, event materials, and catering.


Bronze Sponsor

$5,000 towards catering and event materials.



Donation of meeting materials, annual publications, or general giveaways for meeting attendees and EIN sponsors.

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8:00 - 8:25 AM

8:30 - 8:55 AM

Welcome, intro of EIN and Enspire Summit

Distinguished Speaker: Topic TBD

  • Raghu Belur, Co-founder, Chief Product Officer at Enphase Energy

9:00 - 9:25 AM

Distinguished Speaker: Regenerative Leadership

Distinguished Speaker: Regenerative Leadership

  • Giles Hutchins, Chair at Future Fit Leadership Academy, Founder of Leadership Immersions, Co-Founder of Regenerators

9:30 - 9:50 AM

How Social Innovation Can Help Save Mother Earth

  • Maria Wilvenna Añora, Co-founder at social ventures AtoANI, Philippines

9:55 - 10:15 AM

Comprehensive Valorization of Agro-Industrial Food Waste through Green Extraction Techniques: Futuristic Food Engineering

  • Dr. Owais Yousuf, Assistant Professor in the Department of Bioengineering, Integral University, India

10:20- 10:40 AM

Water Scarcity and Policy in India

  • Deeksha Sharma​Law Student at National Law UniversityIndia

10:40 - 11:10 AM

Networking Breakout Room

11:15 - 11:35 AM

How Can Environmental Journalism Save the World?

  • Sofya ZimaCorrespondent & Journalist at Russian magazine ""Russia

11:40 - 12:00 PM

Renewable Energy Policy Programmes in Africa

  • Maulline GragauConsultant/Energy Legislative Drafter, Ethiopia

12:05 - 12:25 PM

Methane Emissions and Opportunities

  • Olya Irzak,​ Founder & CEO at Frost Methane Labs, Canada

12:30 - 1:35 PM


1:40 - 2:05 PM

Distinguished Speaker: Transforming Climate Trauma into Climate Resiliency

  • Renée LertzmanClimate, Energy and Environmental Psychologist, Engagement Strategist

2:10- 2:30 PM

The Future of Renewable Energy Expansion in Rural Sub-Saharan Africa

  • MacDonald ChiraraFounder/ Chief Operations Officer at Everlasting TechnologyZimbabwe

2:35 - 2:55 PM

Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning

  • Priya Donti, AI Researcher at Carnegie Mellon UniversityUS

3:00 - 3:40PM

Networking Breakout Room

3:45 - 4:05 PM

Investing in the Agricultural Revolution to Build a Sustainable Global Food System

  • Jonathan Hua, Investor at Scrum Ventures, US

4:10 - 4:30 PM

Love in the Time of Corona: Building Our Nature Better through Actions

  • Nanda NoorSustainable Land Use & Emissions Project Lead​ at World Resources Institut, Indonesia

4:35 -  4:55 PM

Making Voices for the Rural Waters

  • Charlene RenFounder & Director, MyH2O – Water Information NetworkChina

5:00 - 5:10 PM

Final Remarks

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