Jing Ge


Jing (Jane) Ge is the president of Energy Innovation Network. She is the innovation and partnership manager with UC Berkeley on deeptech entrepunership, and also a strategy investment manager with Goldwind Innovation Capital. She has worked in LBNL on energy/climate change research for the past few years. She is also the founder and manager of Vectors Angel, an angel investment group that focuses on impact investment. Jane received a M.S. from Cornell University on Sustainable Desgin Studies, and a Bechalor of Engineering degree in Energy Systems Engineering from University of Toronto.

Jiakun (Summer) Zhao

Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

Summer leads large strategic initiatives at EIN, including annual conferences/summits, international collaboration, market developments, and the creation of our new energy education platforms. She is a Senior Product Manager at Enphase, leading part of Enphase's new energy management technology/products. She previously worked at Tesla on managing energy storage products and developing renewable projects across the U.S., and before that she was a senior consultant at Navigant. Summer holds a M.S. Degree of Systems Engineering from MIT and an Environmental Science bachelor's degree from Washington University in St. Louis.

Na Yu

Vice President of Technical Areas

Na Yu is the Vice President - Technical Areas at EIN, overseeing the developments of three technical vertical areas and events, including Energy, Transportation, and Environment. Na is a Senior Consultant at Navigant Consulting. She is in Data Analytics team providing solutions to her clients to be more energy efficient and clean in order to achieve policy goals. Na's expertise is in building energy modeling, data analytics, dashboard development, market research, and energy efficiency program evaluation. Na Yu holds PhD and Master degrees in Mechanical Engineering from University of Notre Dame. She enjoys reading, road biking, and hip pop dance in spare time.

Zetian (Tim) Zhang

Director of Environment Program

Zetian (Tim) Zhang is the Director of Environment Program at EIN. He is currently a Project Manager at WaterFX focusing on solar desalination in CA. Previously, he was 2019 EDF Climate Corps fellow at Whirlpool, where he worked with a global team focusing on corporate sustainability initiatives. Prior to Whirlpool, he had done a consulting project for Bloom Energy. Zetian (Tim) Zhang holds a Master of Engineering degree from Duke University and is a member of the Strategies for Sustainability program (2019) at Stanford University.

Jing Ge


Jiaqi Liang

Director - Energy Luncheon Network & Social Events

Jiaqi Liang is the Program Director of Energy Luncheon Network and Social Event of Energy Innovation Network. He currently works in Amazon as lead engineer of data center optimization for US West. Prior to Amazon, he was program manager at Willdan Group and CLEAResult implementing energy efficiency programs for public utilities. He is passionate about energy efficiency, renewable, technology and would like to help build a more sustainable future together with others. He founded US-China Midwest Energy Group in Chicago. Jiaqi holds a M.S. Degree from Northwestern University and a B.S. Degree from Zhejiang University.

Zifeng (Lilian) Wu

Director of Transportation Program

Zifeng (Lilian) Wu is the Director of Transportation Program at EIN. She is currently an Engineering Associate at Kittelson Associates. She works with a national team on a variety of transportation projects including researching the impact of new technologies and providing guidance for transportation practitioners to get prepared for the new-tech eras. Examples include connected vehicle pilot deployment program evaluation and readiness study for automated vehicles/shuttles. Lilian holds a PhD degree in Civil Engineering from University of Nebraska Lincoln and a master degree in Transportation Planning and Management from Tongji University.

Dee Wang

Program Director - Startup & Investor Mixer

Dee (Lingjie) Wang is the Program Director of EIN’s Startup & Investor Mixer series event. She is currently in charge of US business development and technology transaction of Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (BICI). Dee holds a M.S. Degree of Financial Risk Management from University of Connecticut. She is a CFA charterholder and a certified FRM.

Yichen Sun

Associate Program Director-Startup&Investor Mixer

Yichen Sun is the Associate Program Director of EIN's Startup&Investor Mixer series event. He is currently a Project Manager of Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (BICI), doing due diligence on new projects and managing sponsored projects, in the fields of energy materials. Yichen believes in the market value of emerging technologies from university labs and startup companies, and he is dedicated to bridging top notch lab research with industrial need and resources to promote research translation. Yichen holds a MS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis and BS degree in Physics from Peking University.

Xing Chen

Director of Education Program

Xing Chen is the Director of Education Program at EIN. She currently works as an analyst at Stantec, focusing on sustainable and energy efficiency building design. Xing holds a Master dgree from USC and a B.S. degree from Fudan University.

Shiyu Rao

Director of Marketing

Shiyu Rao is the Director of Marketing at EIN. She is a Mechanical Engineer at Affiliated Engineers Inc in San Francisco. She is focusing on high performance building and sustainability consulting for large scale laboratories and healthcare facilities. Shiyu holds a Master degree of Architectural Engineering from Penn State and a bachelor degree of Civil Engineering from Purdue University.

Wufan Jia

China Head

Wufan Jia is an Energy Storage Product Manager at Canadian Solar. She works with a global team to provide utility scale energy storage system solutions globally. Prior to Canadian Solar, she was responsible for a utility scale energy storage project in US and openning the electric vehicle smart charging solutions in US at a German-based company The Mobility House. Having worked in US, Germany and China, Wufan has a broad international view and understanding of the energy and electricity market. Wufan holds a Master degree from University of Michigan and a Bachelor degree from University of Science and Technology Beijing. In her spare time, she likes sports and travelling. She once completed a global travel of 16 countries across four continents over 183 days.

Ao (Morgan) Teng

Interim Director of Energy Program

Ao (Morgan) Teng is the Interim Director of the Energy Program at EIN. He is an Analyst at Guzman Energy, a wholesale energy company that supplies and trades power across North America. His research interest in the energy sector dates back to 2009, when he worked on the hydrogen storage and low-dimensional plasmonics projects funded by DOE Office of Science. He later joined the Group on Energy Research and Applications within American Physical Society and decided to pursue a career path towards meeting the nation's energy needs in environmentally friendly ways with his scientific and quantitative skills. Morgan received his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He is a Level II Candidate of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program and a Member/Panel Co-Chair of the IEEE Power and Energy Society.

Derek Meng

Event Coordinator

Derek Meng is an event coordinator at EIN. He is currently a Battery Systems Engineer at LG Chem focusing on large commercial and industrial, as well as utility scale energy storage projects. Previously, he was an associate hardware product manager for the Powerpack systems at Tesla. Derek also have experience with residential storage and electric vehicle battery pack engineering. Derek has a Bachelor of Science degree from UCLA, majoring in electrical engineering.

Lu Chen

Event Coordinator

Lu Chen is currently an energy engineer at CLEAResult, one of the largets energy engineering consulting firm in the U.S., leading large utility incentive programs for C&I facilities. She is passionate about the energy industry and looking to contribute to EIN in the future. She holds a Master Degree of Engineering from Tongji University, and also a Master Degree from Drexel University.

Te Qi

Event Coordinator

Te Qi is currently a senior sustainability consultant at Atelier Ten. Te is a professional mechanical engineer with over 6 years of experience in the building design and construction industry. Te's technical skills are built on a solid foundation of academic training, research, and challenging professional experience. Offering unique technical insight, Te works with clients to optimize projects for energy performance, thermal performance, natural ventilation, and occupant comfort.

Xiaqing (Sia) Wang

Webmaster & Social Media Coordinator

Sia Wang is the webmaster and social media coordinator at EIN. She is currently a cost estimator and Building Information Modeling Engineer at Plant Construction. Sia holds a Master degree of Sustainability Design and Construction from Stanford University and a bachelor degree of Building Environment and Energy Engineering from Tianjin University.

Ruiting Liang

Co-Director of Education Program

Ruiting is the Co-Director of Education Program at EIN. She currently works as an ESG/Sustainable Investment Consultant at ERM, helping private equity and venture capital firms to incorporate sustainability metrics in investment strategies. She is also the lead research associate at Sustainable Finance Institute at Yale University.

Ruiting holds a Master's Degree in Applied Economics (Business & Environment track)from Yale University and a Bachelor's from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. 

Vania Fong

Director of Energy Programs

Vania Fong is the Director of Energy Programs at EIN. She is currently a consultant in the Advanced Solution team at Guidehouse where she uses analytical methods to support the development and evaluation of clean energy programs across the nation. She is interested in how energy innovation, data analytics, and human behavior can support a just transition to a sustainable economy. Vania holds an undergraduate degree in Energy Engineering from University of California, Berkeley.