Luncheon & Discussion

Opportunities and Challenges of Autonomous Driving and Connected Vehicles

In this event, we invited Junli Gu (VP of XMotors) and Hongsheng Lu (Principal Researcher in Toyota Motor North America InfoTech Lab).

Discussion topics:

  1. Technology progress status of self-driving vehicles, AI and connected vehicles

  2. Opportunities: potential market need, scaling, and business model

  3. Challenges and barriers

  4. Top 5 companies?

  5. Legal and ethical matters​

Time: Saturday, June 1st, 2019, from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Guest Bio

Junli Gu

Junli Gu is the Vice President of Autonomous Driving at Xiaopeng Motors, where she leads the efforts to build the self-driving solution on XMotors’ own massive production of electric cars. At XPeng Motors, her responsibilities include to build an international self-driving organization, to manage the team and daily operations, to set up strategies, create the technical roadmap and lead development of the self-driving system architecture and product. Before she joined Xmotors, Dr. Gu was lead for machine learning at Tesla Motors and developed key components of Tesla’s Autopilot 2.0. 

Hongsheng Lu

Hongsheng Lu is a Principal Researcher in Toyota Motor North America InfoTech Lab. He works on connected and automated vehicle technology, with research interests focused on communication protocol design and sensor fusion. He is recognized for contribution to DSRC congestion control and vehicle to pedestrian communications He represents Toyota in standard development organizations and industry groups including ETSI, C2C-CC and serves the vice chair of SAE V2X Cross-cutting Technical Committee. Hongsheng Lu has a Ph.D degree from the University of Notre Dame (US).